About Mike Felan,
IT Consultant

Hi. My name’s Mike. I’m an IT consultant based in Vancouver, WA. I’ve been closely working with small businesses helping them manage their technology needs since 2001.

During that time I’ve worked with dozens of businesses providing a variety of IT support services. I’ve also worked with hundreds of individuals at their home residences, helping address their personal computing needs.

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IT Consulting Services

There is a lot of confusion and mystery about the IT services community. IT professionals are generally portrayed as a mysterious lot that speak in riddles and codeā€”individuals bent on confusing people for their own enjoyment. My goal is to provide much-needed computer services without the smoke screen.

From network connectivity to computer purchasing to emergency support, I offer a comprehensive set of IT consulting services to all of my clients.

Network Services

Network setup and support services connect your entire team, centralize files and email, and keeps everyone working together.

Managed IT

Monthly managed IT services provide ongoing monthly support for small and medium-sized businesses.

Computer Purchase

Personal or business computer purchasing helps identify the right system for use at home and for the team in the office.

Computer Repair

Repair services keep computers operational and virus free so downtime does not cost time and money.

Email Management

Management and support of team and personal email accounts help to keep daily communication doing what it needs to.

Emergency Support

Emergency services help to get your computer and network systems back up and operational so loss of time is minimal.

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